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Special-T, LLC Launches Safe-T Workplace Products
10/07/2020Product Releases

a New Line of Solutions Designed to Provide New Levels of Safety and Security in a Post-Pandemic Environment

Alpharetta, GA

In response to the dramatic demand for a new, health-and-safety-based approach to office design and management, Special-T, LLC, a leading provider of tables and a wide variety of products for workplace and learning environments, has launched Safe-T Workplace Products, LLC, a new line of solutions that brings people working in commercial and institutional spaces a new level of safety and security.

The process of securing safe working, educational and hospitality environments involves three key components:  aerosol blocking by extending panel heights and creating barriers with acrylic shields; facility entry/access control with temperature and symptom checking to protect employees and limit employer liability, and mouth level air filtration and purification - either seated or standing, with units integrated into furniture systems and stands.

The Safe-T Workplace Products offering will provide solutions for each one of these concerns and while each one provides some protection, when used in combination, they deliver the most sensible, visually secure and environmentally safe workspace available for those occupying those spaces while limiting liability.

Initial products in the line include an extensive array of specially designed screens, space dividers and workplace barriers that support social distancing efforts in the workplace. Also part of the line: a comprehensive digital health screening, management and compliance solution that prevents people with symptoms of the COVID virus, flu and similar illnesses from entering a building and infecting others.

Other products currently under development include privacy pods, an innovative air filtration and purification system that can be directly integrated into furniture (Patent Pending) and more.

“As we navigate the current Covid-19 pandemic to make workplaces, institutions and schools safer for return, there’s a clear need to take the fear factor out of the return to these facilities for our people,” commented Special-T CEO Steve Rozeboom. “The initial products we are bringing to the market under the Safe-T Workplace Products brand represent a solid foundation to help meet that challenge successfully. More will be forthcoming shortly to provide a genuine one-stop resource for ensuring safe, healthy environments.”

For more information, visit the Special-T website ( or contact Tatiana Rodoslavova, Vice President of Business Development (

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