Clear Plexiglass

Clear Plexiglass - Executive Folding
Executive Folding
Clear Plexiglass - Side & Front Panels
Side & Front Panels
Clear Plexiglass - X-Shape
Clear Plexiglass - Floor Standing Mobile Divider
Floor Standing Mobile Divider
Clear Plexiglass - Transaction Screen with Metal Supports
Transaction Screen
with Metal Supports

Frosted Acrylic

Frosted Acrylic - Side & Front Panels
Side & Front Panels


PET - Privacy & Modesty Screens
Privacy / Modesty
PET - Side & Front Panels
Side & Front Panels
PET - Sliding Desk Divider
Sliding Desk Divider
Screens And Barriers For
Protect Your Team From Coughs And Sneezes With Safe-T Screens

Desk Mounted

Protect people working in close proximity by adding screens permanently attached to the worksurfaces. Removable C-clamp with adjustable hand screw under table can be used on the edges.

Cubical Panel Mounted

Safeguard your team by extending the height of existing cubicles with Clear Plexiglass or Frosted Acrylic screens mounted on top of panels. Universal brackets fit all panel sizes without any damage.


Create a separation barrier on counters, desks and worksurfaces with free-standing divider panels. No installation required.


Protect employees, students, and teachers in breakrooms, cafeterias, conference areas, high-traffic areas, and places where people congregate. Easy assembly – simply remove plastic film and lock pieces together. Available for 36”- 60” round or square tables as well as 24” x 72” and 30” x 72”.

Executive Folding

Help protect your employees, customers, and guests from viruses while engaging in face- to-face interactions. Clear plexiglass allows for crystal clear visibility without impeding effective communication. The screen can be easily placed on any flat surface, moved around, or folded when not in use.

Floor Standing

Prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading in open space areas with clear room dividers. When placed between workstations, meeting areas, or breakroom tables, people can feel safer and more protected. The 75” high floor-standing dividers are 34” or 43” wide. They are equipped with locking casters and can be easily moved between different areas.

Transaction Screen

A free-standing transaction screen is suitable for a myriad of solutions, from reception desks, meeting areas, to POS stations, and can be easily added to any flat surface. The upright metal brackets support 36” x 40” plexiglass and provide a sleek and simplistic design with maximum stability. 6” x 18” pass-through window allows papers and small items to pass from person to person.

Screens and Barriers For
Learning Environments
Keep Students And Educators Safe.
Reduce The Risk Of Infection With Safe-T Screens.


Protect students sitting in close proximity
by adding dividers around them.

Dining & Common Areas

Create separation barriers on table tops and
work surfaces with x-shape dividers.


Help students and teachers feel safe. Provide maximum protection by surrounding student and teacher desks with Clear Plexiglass screens. Screens can be attached with double-sided tape, removable C-clamp, or permanently attached to the surface with screws.

Mounting Brackets

Attachments Options - Standard Clamp
Securely attach screens to a worksurface with screws to avoid movement and repositioning.
Attachments Options - TMB G2
Permanent Attachments
Add wellness screens to existing furniture without causing permanent damage. Add heavy-duty doublesided tape to temporarily affix to a flat surface.
Easily removable C-Clamp attaches with an adjustable hand-screw under the table and keeps the screens secure around table edges. Compatible with 1” - 1.25” thick work surfaces.
Attachments Options - C-Clamp
Universal U-Bracket
Extend the height of any cubicle panel with an expandable universal U-Bracket. Small size fits 1.875” – 2.75” wide panels. Large size fits 2.75” – 4.75” wide panels.
Attachments Options - Universal U-Bracket
Attachments Options - Free Standing Foot
Free-Standing Foot
With a free-standing foot, the screen can be easily moved anywhere in the workplace. Add a heavy-duty double-sided tape to temporarily attach the screen to a flat surface. Attach screens to a metal surface with optional earth magnets inset into the foot for a level connection.

Alignment Brackets

Top Alignment Brackets maintain alignment and add stability to Clear Plexiglass and Frosted Acrylic screens.

Alignment Brackets - 180° CONNECTOR
Alignment Brackets - 90° CONNECTOR
Alignment Brackets - T-CONNECTOR
Alignment Brackets - X-CONNECTOR


Colors - Clear Plexiglass / Polycarbonate
Clear Plexiglass / Polycarbonate
Colors - Frosted Acrylic
Frosted Acrylic

PET Colors

PET Color - Gray
PET Color - Cream
PET Color - Periwinkle
PET Color - Silver
PET Color - Yellow
PET Color - Orange
PET Color - Blush
PET Color - Lime
PET Color - Blue
PET Color - Cocoa
PET Color - Navy
PET Color - Ash
PET Color - Black
*Gray - Stock Color. All other colors - extended lead time applies. Contact Customer Service (888-705-0777) for additional information.

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