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Special-T Announces Patent Filing For Innovative Mounting Of Air Filtration Systems To Fight The Spread Of Airborne Pathogens And Contaminants In The Workplace, Schools And Other Shared Spaces.

Special-T, LLC, a leading provider of tables and a wide variety of products for workplace and learning environments, is excited to announce its recent patent application filing for the unique and potentially life-changing inclusion of air filtration and purification systems integrated into furniture and other support structures at about head level - positioned among and between people sharing common spaces.

As we navigate the current Covid-19 pandemic to make workplaces and schools safer for return, the design team at Special-T realized that conventional HVAC and wall-mounted air filtration systems in many cases draw air with viruses and other airborne pathogens across a room and that better air filter system placement is needed to reduce the risks to persons in indoor working, learning, and social spaces. 

Special-T discovered that moving powered air filters to about head and mouth level of persons sharing tables, desks, and other common areas should more directly filter exhalations at the source to remove disease-causing pathogens, thereby reducing the risks of transmitting pathogens such as viruses, influenza and other respiratory illnesses to others. 

This patent-pending design includes specially sealed dividers and partitions that can be placed between people sharing a space to provide even more direct funneling of exhaled air directly to the intake of adjacent air filter systems. The company is in early discussions with government and corporate leaders to determine possibilities for rapidly deploying the innovative filter systems in offices and schools.

“With the advent of the COVID-19 virus and the havoc it has wrought on our economy, it’s time to shift the focus in how we design and manage shared spaces towards worker safety and health,” commented Special-T CEO Steve Rozeboom. “Integrating state of the art air filtration and purification systems directly into the furniture, used in combination with Special-T’s broad line of protective screens and protective barriers, offers a solution that significantly reduces the risk of pathogen transmission and provides workers in offices and schools with a new level of safety and security.”


For more information, visit the Special-T website ( or contact Tatiana Denissiouk, Vice President of Business Development (

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