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Safe-T Workplace Products Announces New Partnerships with Surgically Clean Air

Safe-T Workplace Products Announces Exciting New Partnerships with Surgically Clean Air, Air Purification Experts, and Clear2, Facility Entry and Access Control Solutions Provider

Safe-T Workplace Products, a wholly owned subsidiary of table manufacturer Special-T, has announced two exciting new distribution and representation partnerships—with Surgically Clean Air and Clear2—that significantly expand the company’s offerings of safety and security solutions for commercial and institutional spaces.

The partnerships are intended to support the mission of the Safe-T Workplace Products offering, a new line of solutions that brings people working in commercial and institutional spaces a new level of safety and security.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Surgically Clean Air has been making workplaces safer and cleaner with high-quality, medical-grade air purification systems since 2010.

Its premium air purification systems are favored by Fortune 500 companies, respected universities and some of the best-known sports teams in the world. They diminish every

airborne impurity: viruses, bacteria, bio-aerosols, odors, gases, disinfectants, particulates, molds, and fungi. At the same time, these incredibly quiet purifiers re-energize the air with negative ions that contribute to a healthier, more productive work environment.

“After reviewing multiple vendors, we settled on one that really makes workplaces safer,” said Safe-T CEO Steve Rozeboom. “Surgically Clean Air technology can be deployed either as a freestanding unit or integrated into furniture, fixtures or stands at mouth level using our own patent pending designs. Compared to other, comparable products available, Surgically Clean Air is quieter, turns more air and serves to lower the viral load more effectively. “

Headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA, Clear2 is a comprehensive health management and screening solution

that protects organizations and employees from the spread of Covid-19. The solution is anchored by the Clear2 mobile app, with multiple add-on options that can reduce a company’s risk in a variety of ways.

Users complete a daily health screening in the Clear2 app before they come into work and can validate their status with a quick temperature check once they arrive. Check-in capabilities allow for contact tracing and movement tracking, all easily accessible via a user-friendly administrative portal.

“At Safe-T Workplace Products, we are committed to providing a one-stop resource for

ensuring safe, healthy environments and our new partnerships with Surgically Clean Air and Clear2 take that commitment to the next level,” commented Rozeboom. “Used in conjunction with Special-T’s screens, space dividers and workplace barriers, Surgically Clean Air and Clear2 solutions deliver the ideal foundation for a safe and secure workplace.”

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